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Stylease one-piece baby clothing is an innovative childrenswear idea that combines the convenience and practicality of a one-piece romper and the richness and style versatility of layered baby clothes. Can infant wear be unique and inventive, solving common problems like twisting and riding up? Yes it can!

Can baby clothes offer the stylish look of separates, and have the ease and convenience of a one-piece?

It can if it’s Stylease.

Stylease isn’t your ordinary baby clothing. Through its patented concept, Stylease brand one-piece infant wear offers parents a wide range of styles and looks associated with separates. And yet, its design is so ingenious, it’s hard to tell that Stylease is really all one piece.

What is easy to see, is the way Stylease outfits give parents the best value, practicality and style available.

It’s Mom-Invented!

Stylease is a mom-invented product developed by Jennifer Hughes. She hatched the idea out of frustration with not finding clothes for her toddlers that could be both stylish and practical. Once created, it didn’t take long to see that parents worldwide shared her frustration – and impatience – for a solution.

Because it creates the look of different tops and bottoms in its one-piece clothing, Stylease infant wear lets parents dress their babies in more expressive and stylish outfits without the inconveniences associated with separates, like twisting and bunching-up.

Practicality Not Possible with Separates

Parents who like the look of traditional separates agree; they’re simply not practical on a young baby. Stylease is. Because Stylease baby wear is really one piece, it gives parents style with one-piece practicality.

Our outfits are designed to either open to the waist down the front and / or have hidden access features, making it easy to dress your baby from the bottom up. There are also snaps, zippers or other closures in the crotch of all our styles for easy diaper changes.

At Prices You Will Love

With a suggested retail price of around $25, Stylease is an affordable luxury for busy, exhausted parents who want to make life a little easier, and still have the best-dressed baby on the block!

The “reveal factor” of Stylease makes it a fun and unique gift for any new mom, and a welcome addition for the experienced parent who will wish they had known about Stylease earlier.

Stylease is manufactured by Burbank, California - based Liloebe LLC.

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